Your Ongoing Mission. . .

Establishing your new business is serious stuff. But you probably got into it because you’re following your passion –the things you love to do. So, even though the stakes are high, itit doesn’t mean we can’t have fun while creating the foundation for a successful start up.

A sense of humor is really a necessary component to your success as an entrepreneur. Ask someone who’s logged a few years as a business owner, and they’ll tell you that some days it seems to your sense of humor is all that keeps you going.

It’s in this spirit (and to help commemorate Star Trek’s 48th anniversary on September 8th) that I put together a special video which pairs two of my greatest loves: my love for social entrepreneurs and my love for Star Trek.

As a new business owner, you’re about to seek out a strange new world just like the show did. Click here to read a few of the “firsts” Star Trek has been responsible for.

While this video applies to all businesses, it is specially made for entrepreneurs engaged in for-profit businesses dedicated to the greater good.

So click the screenshot below and join me for a little fun about how YOU run your business as we boldly go where no one has gone before. . .

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