Do you know the difference between a copyright and a trademark? Do you understand what this means to your business?

When starting a new business you want to make sure you’re not launching it with a name that could get you into trouble or using intellectual property that could get you sued. How do you avoid these potentially costly missteps?

If you’re launching a new product line, have intellectual property associated with your business, or need to protect proprietary information; these are things you need to understand.

You could sift through Google search results for hours, or pay your lawyer by the minute to understand what it this means for you. . . OR you could simply sign up for our Entrepreneur’s Legal Digest program and get the answers you need in a quick and easy to follow format.

Watch the video below to find out whether the Batmobile is a copyright or a trademark. This week’s Tisha’s Two-Minute Tip is actually a two minute sample from one of our educational videos. Our full length training videos are packed with actual case examples. These lessons are easy to understand so you can take action –as fast as saying “Quick to the Batmobile!”


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