2021 Good Timing Guide eBook


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The Online Good Timing Guide contains all the same pages and benefits as the printed Guide. In addition, it comes with the Daily Guide, which allows you to select any day of the year for any time zone. If you’re outside of North American time zones, then this edition will be best for you. The Daily Guide easily allows you to calculate the Time-Outs for any day and in any time zone around the world.

This Guide is also ideal for readers who prefer to print and carry one or two months at a time, instead of a printed book. You can easily slip those pages into a planner to carry them with you.

You can download the Online Guide onto your computer, or you can login and check it online from any location. You can also print as many of the pages as you like. The pages are all pdfs and easily readable by all computers. This edition of the Guide saves trees and money.

If you’re someone who wants to have both an Online edition on your computer and a printed Guide in a second location, then make sure to add the Printed Guide version for a discount.

The Good Timing Guide utilizes Moon Void Of Course Cycles, Mercury In Retrograde Cycles, and many other astrological cycles to help you plan for many common business activities.


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