Ready & Resilient

Thursday 11/18/2021 at 10am CDT

When we are uncertain, we are challenged to move forward in our business.
How do you prepare for the unexpected?
Be Ready and Be Resilient


Be Ready with a Contract that works even in a crisis. We’ll show you:

  • 8 methods to guarantee full payment during a pandemic
  • 5 contract provisions to protect from the unexpected like a pandemic
  • 5 procedures to protect you and your business from disputes
  • How to make an ironclad enforceable contract
  • 3 characteristics to watch out for with the other contracting party
  • Sample contract provisions provided

Be Resilient. Let’s us help you with:

  • Action steps to take when you feel uncertain about planning for your future
  • Tried and true ways to prioritize when your to do list is overwhelming
  • 17 breakthroughs when you hit a wall in your life and business

Be Ready and Be Resilient – Only $48