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Create the Business You Deserve and the World Needs

Being a Social Entrepreneur requires a special balance of a business mind and kind heart. Being a Social Entrepreneur is balancing your business needs and the needs of others; it is about both giving and receiving. A Social Entrepreneur lives in the best of both worlds where financial gain has a soul. But it is a tricky balance and that’s why we created RISE.

RISE is NOT about listening to “experts” bombard you with information that sounds great but you’ll never actually implement. That’s because starting and running a Social Enterprise is NOT about cogitating and complaining about all the problems and negativity in the world.

RISE is about DOING THE GREATER GOOD with an intimate group of like-minded social entrepreneurs to serve and support you as your peer advisory board. The simple truth is your startup business can only go so far when you read a book, research on the internet, ask your family and friends for advice. If you are ready to make REAL CHANGES, you need the advice and support of other Social Entrepreneurs like yourself. We work together to build a foundation and a Plan of Greater Good. We provide the support and momentum to make you unstoppable.

Why Join StartUp Greater Good?

Like we said before, you will be TAKING ACTION to further your Social Enterprise at our sessions. No long lectures with tons of “homework” for you to implement. You apply what you learn at our sessions. That’s why this works.

We know it works because we practice what we teach. We are the only Texas Public Benefit Corporation designed to help Social Enterprises. It’s run by Tisha Dodge, a lawyer with over two decades of legal experience, over a decade as a small business owner and an insurance agent. She started the first Texas Social Purpose Corporate law firm and Founder of StartUp Greater Good. As a lawyer, Tish has set up hundreds of startups, including Social Enterprises in Texas and other states. She is the only person selected by the U.S. Small Business Administration to train its business counselors across the country on Social Enterprises. Tish has real-life examples of what to do, and what not to do. We teach both legal theory and practical “been there, done that.”

We also give you exactly what you need—and we mean it!
You receive continuous support and help including:

  • Dish With Tish, live Q&As where you can ask anything
  • Customized Trainings with Action Packs: You pick the topics YOU want to learn about.
  • Mastermind sessions so you walk away with solutions to implement.

You don’t lose momentum and spirit because your next RISE session is just around the corner!

RISE is by Application only. Request yours at info@StartUpGreaterGood.org