What Is Start Up Greater Good?

StartUpGreaterGood is a Texas Public Benefit Corporation designed to help Social Entrepreneurs and to educate and promote Texas Social Enterprises. These for-profit corporations are legally mandated to promote a Greater Good, making a positive impact on the society or the environment. Social Enterprises are relatively new.

Throughout the country, social entrepreneurs have begun to emerge. These business owners want to make a profit while giving back the world around them. I’m proud to say that Texas has now authorized the formation of  Social Enterprises.

How Do You Know the Information on StartUpGreaterGood is Accurate?

This site is run primarily by me, Tisha Dodge. I’m a Texas small business owner. Oh, yeah, and I happen to be a lawyer too. You can check out my official stats on my Bio Page, but I’m really here based on “street cred.”

I’ve been working with Texas business owners for years and my own business is one of the first Social Enterprises in the State of Texas. I created the first Social Purpose Corporate Law Firm and one of the first Public Benefit Corporations in the State of Texas.  In the true spirit of the Social Enterprise, I’m sharing what I learned here with You on this website. Your questions answered by me, someone who has been there, done that, and knows what does (and doesn’t) fit within the law.

Our programs will save you countless hours of research and frustration. Have you ever tried to search the Internet for information on starting a business and ended up overwhelmed with too much information?  Or conflicting information?  Or you just couldn’t get the answer to your question and gave up?  Members have unlimited access to step-by-step instructions, video trainings and Q&A sessions to get you the answers you need.

I started this website because I:

Believe the success of a business can be measured by something more than dollars and cents. Success can be measured by the positive impact You create in your business.

Believe in a future where society wants more. Your customers want to know they are buying more than just a product or service. They want to invest in Your Business because You are serving a Greater Good.

Believe it’s possible—even do-able—to be personally abundant and giving at the same time. You are not somehow “greedy” to want to make a profit. That’s right. I just said that. You don’t have to make yourself poor if you want to give to others. It’s not a zero sum game. Enough said.

Let’s get started!