Step Up Program

Next Session: Thursday, October 6th at 6pm Central Time

Are you struggling to move forward in your business with all the uncertainty?


The key to creating a successful business is to know what you need and take small doable steps.
Because sometimes all we need is a small step to get us going.
Small steps add up to big results and accomplishments.
This is why we created our Step Up Program.

Take your next Step Up

  • Our monthly interactive session about the legal contracts and the strategy behind them
    (this is the stuff that no one ever talks about but is vitally important)
  • Downloadable templates for your immediate use
    (stop searching the internet for forms)
  • Dish With Tish (our live Q&A so you get answers to your questions—no more guessing)
  • Clarity in your agreements to protect you and your business
  • Guaranteed income no matter how uncertain life gets
  • Security even when life gets unpredictable

Introductory investment of $39/month.

Cancel anytime with 30-days notice

Use your gift code to get your first month for $1

And claim your Bonus: Financial Power of Attorney

The essential legal document for all entrepreneurs to protect your business if you become incapacitated or disabled.

Sessions are recorded.

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