Note about Tisha’s Two-Minute Tips: Several of you have questioned my appearance in Tisha’s Two-Minute Tips and have asked for an explanation. Tisha’s Two-Minute Tips is part of a challenge where I committed to creating Two-Minute Tips in 30 minutes or less within a certain deadline. That particular day, I forgot most of my makeup, hair products, and accessories–LOL!

But I was determined to meet the challenge by the deadline—imperfectly–because I didn’t want to suffer the consequences. In our challenge group, we each wrote a $500 check to a political candidate that we OPPOSE. (If the political candidate makes you involuntarily roll your eyes, gag, or cause another physical reaction of disgust, then that’s who you write the check to.) If we don’t meet our deadline, the group has permission to mail off the check! It’s a great incentive to force you to act, even if imperfectly!

This seemed like the perfect time to talk about acting imperfectly. So watch this week’s video as I model “imperfection” again.

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